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The mission of the Pro-Life Action Campaign is to save the lives of unborn children through education, political action and the grassroots mobilization of pro-life people across America.

The US Supreme Court legalized abortion-without-restrictions by judicial fiat in 1971. Americans concerned about the sanctity of human life have been fighting this unjust decision ever since, educating and involving their friends and family in the effort to build an America where every child is welcomed into life and protected by law.

These pro-life efforts have resulted in changes to the laws that have partially rolled back the effects of Roe vs. Wade. After a long fight, Congress passed a partial-birth abortion ban in 2003, and the constitutionally of this ban was upheld by the US Supreme Court in 200?. Many states have passed legislation to chip away at the principle of “abortion- without-restrictions” with pro-life laws focused on issues like parental notification and informed consent. Many states have also banned the use of taxpayer funds for abortion.

Thanks to the hard work of the pro-life community, more Americans than ever before consider themselves to be pro-life. A 2009 Gallop poll indicated that, 51% of Americans calling themselves "pro-life" on the issue of abortion and 42% "pro-choice."

While America is moving towards the pro-life position, the abortion industry and allies are fighting back hard with proposals for legislation such as the “Freedom of Choice Act” that would, with one law, wipe out all of the pro-life gains of the last 30 years and block even modest regulation of the abortion industry.

It is vital that pro-life Americans get involved now in opposing pro-abortion laws and supporting pro-life candidates. The Pro-Life Action Campaign is a project of RightMarch PAC to accomplish just that. By educating and mobilizing pro-life people across America, we’re determined to lay the ground work for future election and legislation victories – triumphs that will help to save unborn children from abortion.


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